Thursday, February 28, 2008

Baton Twirl

This is amazing she is sooo good....I love baton and am good but nit as good as her!!!WOW!!!!

So very sad

We are all very sad.....Buddy the dog is GONE. My dad took him on February 28,2008. He was a good dog but he drove everybody nuts and out of there minds. We had him for 9 very long,wonderful,and dreadful months. Little Dude took it a little harder than everybody else but he is ok know. It didn't really hit me a don't really takes things hard. I was happy but then again I was sad. HE was an Irish Setter Beagle Mix. BIG Dog. He was 9 months but stood about 2 feet on all fours. He stood about 4 1/2 feet tall on just two almost doubled his size. He is in Upper Sandusky. It is about and hour and a half away from here. We will all mis him but the Good thing is we can call and check up on him every week!!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nick and the Marines

This is Nick. He is in the Marines. He is Currently in Japan for 2 years. Nick is Janna's Brother. He showed us how they have to fold things and they roll up EVERYTHING into their socks weird

ALOT of Snow in February

This might sound weird to some people but we have about 5-6 inches of snow otuside. The other weird thing is it is the middle of February. Some people are thinking it's February there is supposed to be snow.......well we don't normaly have snow in the middle of February. But in other cases it is GOOD because 1.We haven't had school for 2 days.
2.It is beautiful outside.
We all have been shovleling nonstop for 2 days......but here I am in the house writing this. I was told I didn't have to go outside. YEAH! WOO! HOO! When there is ALOT of snow all of the family likes to veg. But we ahve had so much snow that we can't we have been shovling. Well that concludes my story of our Snow!!!!