Monday, January 19, 2009

What you may not know!!

Some things are just kept a secret.............

As you all may know my mom put up pictures of all of us playing outside with the dog (Mr.drool.) But what you may not know is that two of the other dogs were out there with us. So far you know that Sherman was out there, but out there was also Lucy and Charlie (if you do not know who charlie is look and my blog picture when i post comments and you will see.) Lucy was out there having fun until Sherman came out and had to ruin it. Charlie came out with Lucy but then went right back inside because it was to COLD for him. I do not have a picture of charlie but here is an idea of what he looked like outside.............Picture an all white 5.5lb long-haired dog with a yellow and blue D.C. sweater on and a Blue Rain coat on Shivering like it was -1,000,000 outside. He is a little dog so he does not like the cold very much. As you may also know he has a son who is a short haired chihuahua and is 10.5lbs and does not like the cold either so he didn't go outside.

I hope that you now know what you didn't know!!!!!!!!!!!!!